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"I love you - he said it and now he’s going to die - lock your door Glenn!… Rick just killed Thomas Jefferson!"

My 1st attempt at liveblogging for the Walking Dead finale and my “who dies?” bracket

Atlanta opening - intrigued!

Herds!  I guess that makes sense how they form, sorta. But how do they gather so many?  Pick ‘em up along the way?

Very satisfied with the intro. Yup, I guess they keep showing Shane in the credits until next season.

Cameras on their faces, likely important dialog, and all i can pay attention to are the shadows on the horizon. 

Burn the barn! Get ‘em inside and burn the barn!  No, lead ‘em away with cars at 15 mph!

Gas cans!  I knew it! I called it!  

Do they have to drive that fast? He’s going to fall out! I know it!

Lori’s going to do something stupid, as expected. 

Please keep Daryl alive. 

One down. Jimmy dies so that means his girlfriend won’t according to my bracket.  So useful in previous episodes, he didn’t think to shut the RV door…???

Save those bullets for close range Glenn and T-dog. 

Hershel being a badass.  Probably so we’ll like him right before he dies.  He’s going down in my bracket.  

Lori’s wasting bullets again…

Hershel’s going davy crocket style. 

Two down.  Also in my bracket. This means Jimmy’s GF survives. 

So carol makes it?  But blond lady doesnt?  I’ve got CArol living and 

Don’t do it Glenn?  Oh, good. You’re escaping.  Good move.  Glenn and Maggie can repopulate the earth.

Oh ya, hershel. forgot about him. about to die. oh no you see it come  BAH! HE’s still alive!  Rick! I forgot about him too!

Badass Hershel!  Blood on teh back of his head. wonder if he’ll get faded.  

Get to the roof blond girl!  I’ve got you living in my bracket!  Either you or Carol is needed as a Daryl love interest.  Carol! Got it.  Good stuff.  Bracket is still alive…

I wonder if any of the goners are going to show up as zombies?  Did blond lady die?  Maybe her?  Either she’s a zombie or we find out she survives in teh very end. like LL cool j in deep blue sea. 

Dead everywhere!  Keep goin’ daryl. 

Maggie needs to chill.  She better not do anything stupid…

I’m freaking out! Lock your door glenn!  Lock your door!  

I love you! He said it and now he’s going to die! lock your door glenn! 

Whew. No dead glenn. 

Carl’s going to do something stuipd again this episode I know it.  

<4 minute break to take a call from Maltby. Completely breaking flow so will have to back up a minute to get momentum again. >

Oh ya, Carl’s going to do something stupid. My bet is he gets someone maimed, but not killed.  My bracket has someone getting maimed but not killed. 

Where is safe Hershel?  Glad he’s still alive even though I need him to die later. My guess is it’s at the end. 

Oh ya! T-dog. Totally forgot you were in this show.  Be strong T-dog! Keep telling Lori no.  

US?  Lori You don’t speak for Jimmy’s GF, who is a survivor in my bracket. 

Carl has a knife conspicuously tucked into his waist.  Bet he uses it later in the show. 

Hershel uses god one moment and survival of the fittest the next.  Eh, sorta. 

Daryl and what’s-er-name end up together. I know it. 

There they all are!  Hope!  Salvation!  Redemption!  There must be a surprise zombie around the corner.  Queue the romantic music, and queue the zombie.  I know it…  


Aha, good asian drivers joke.  

Shane?  Oh ya, I killed him Lori.  I had to because you planted hope in his head last episode. 

I’ll be Andrea is still alive. She’s a survivor.  If we don’t see the death, she’s alive.  Andrea’s alive.  On the roof if I was her.  

Walker!  There he is!  Don’t you see him!  Oh, ya, they saw. No biggie. 

T-dog gets vocal. Bigger the road the more walkers?  Why?  Eh, ya I guess so. 

Andrea’s going to be crazy mad when sh - I knew it!  I knew it!  She’s a survivor!  

She needs to get ahead, out of site, and then move perpendicular to get out of th eherd path. She better not die - she’s in my bracket!  and she’s a badass!  no bullets needed!

Get up in a tree?  Or spin them around in circle techmo bowl style?

Carl’s freezing?? What? That’s your issue?  Grow up Carl.  

Yes! Maggie and Glenn!  Go get gas!  You’ll have to split up at some point anyway right?

Shelter??  It’ll be your undoing!  There are bad dudes about!  

Rick is talking like batman in a growly voice.  

Yes! Explanations!  Shane killed Randall!  Then magic took over!  We’re all infected!  Even you Hershel!  

We’re all infected! Zombie babies! Even your baby is infected Lori!  

Wait, where are you walking off to now rick??? Oh, ok, nice waterfall.  

Yes, Rick killed Shane!  Admit it! With good reason! Lori better not be mad! She knows it’s her fault!  Be sweet Lori! If you act mad I’ll punch you in the face!  

Why’s rick’s eye drooping?  Is he zombie?  ITS YOUR FAULT LORI!  DONT LOOK MAD LORI!  Of course you killed him Rick! You had to! Say it lori! Lori… Lori… Lori… Lori… Still waiting Lori… WHAT THE FUCK LORI!  Lori needs to die this episode but they’re going to keep her alive now so people can look forward to seeing her alive next season. 

Andrea yes!  Get up! Get up! Not now. Frick yes! What in the world!  WHAT IN THE WORLD!  Backingup 60 seconds.  Are these zombie dudes or just one arm dudes? Zombie dudes I think? Huh?  More to come…

Come on Carol! Don’t be mean?  Don’t plant ideas like this in his head. 

The group’s breaking up?  No don’t! 

You do have vehicles?  You have a pick up truck that can carry a ton of fools and a motorcycle.  

Yes! Breaking down! You killed shane? Sho nuff I did!  Not the best explanation for why you did it Rick.  Eh, ok, better explanation now.  Chill out Carl. 

Um, did you guys forget about the sound in the woods?  Be sweet Rick.  Dont’ point the gun.   I hope they just leave! Kinda like in Harry and the Hendersons!  “We don’t want you here Harry!”

Rick just killed Thomas Jefferson.  

Yes, another pan out lifting shot!  

And that’s the season.  My bracket did ok. I had hershel as a guaranteed kill.  I picked Jimmy to die and Hershel’s sister or whatever, but thought either T-dog or Andrea would have died too.